Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Improving Health & Safety;

Distribution and decanting of all cleaning chemicals through a wall mounted dispensing
system – environmentally friendly.

Colour Coding being used to prevent cross contamination for; Mopping Systems, Cloth
wiping Systems and Chemical Usage.

Washrooms – Red
Catering Areas – Yellow
Medical Areas – Green
All Other Areas – Blue

All Cleaning Staff to wear standard workwear.

Increasing Effciency

Increasing Effciency

Introducing new Flat Mopping Systems.

Introducing wall mounted distribution systems for Cleaning Chemicals.

Introducing modern more efficient Floor Scrubbing Machines.

Standardize all Toilet Roll, Hand Towel and Soap Dispensing Systems.

Service Recommendations

Service Recommendations

The Items listed below are recommendations that Denma Cleaning Services would put
into place from the start of your contract;

Cleaner assessments – efficiency cost reduction.

Colour Coding – This would cover Mops and Mopping Systems, Cleaning Cloths and
Chemical Labels.

Standardise Chemicals and Paper Products including Dispensers – Chemicals can be reduced to four types. Paper Products – Toilet Tissue and Hand Towels.

Cleaning Audit Sheet – The audit sheets would be used on every site to confirm that all
cleaning staff are reaching the high standards required, also the completed sheets would
be submitted to the site managers.

A Sign in and Sign out Book that is based at central points throughout the site – Fire
Safety and Confirmation of the employee being on site.

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators

Denma Cleaning Services have meetings every two and four weeks with the Managers of
you’re Site and this would continue.

Subjects Covered;
Management of the contract.
Performance of the contract.
Health & Safety – any issues.
Environmental and sustainability issues – Chemicals – Recycle.
Staff Training and development.
Personnel issues with staff.
Financial Performance – Providing the Service and Savings.

By covering the above subjects this ensures that your business receives a high standard of
service that is required.

Denma Cleaning Services have monthly meetings with all Supervisors / Cleaners to
ensure that a high level of cleaning standards is achieved.

Quality Driven Initiatives and Assurances

Quality Driven Initiatives and Assurances

Denma Cleaning Services have sufficient systems in place to operate consistent
Quality assurance.

Cleaning Standard Audit Sheets.

Detailed cleaning working schedules for General Areas, Washrooms and Kitchen

Daily Washroom cleaning times check sheet.

Product Quality and Standards

Product Quality and Standards

Denma Cleaning Services also has a Janitorial Supply Centre, which allows us to
purchase all products at very competitive prices, we can then pass this onto the customer.

All our cleaning chemicals and paper products are environmentally friendly ( Paper
Products are manufactured from re-cycled paper ).

Denma Cleaning Services are a very pro-active company about re-cycling and do make
sure that any waste products that can be re-cycled will be.

Training and Staff Development

Training and Staff Development

Denma Cleaning Services does provide all there Cleaning Staff with Monthly in house
training / support.

Areas Covered;-
Cleaning chemicals – Using them and Decanting.
Floor Maintenance – Methods and safety signs.
Colour Coding – Floor Mops and Cleaning Cloths.
Electrical Equipment Safety – Visual Inspections.
Personnel Protective Equipment – Clothing, Glasses and Gloves and their uses.
Cleaning of Ceramics Area – PPE – Clothing, Glasses, Gloves and Masks.

Denma Cleaning Services provide all its Supervisors with the above training together with communication skills and an emphasis on customer care.

All our cleaning staff are encouraged to attend cleaning courses to achieve the NVQ in

Denma Cleaning Services have their own Training Induction Sheets.

Denma Cleaning services keep record books of all Staff Training details along with
attendance sheets.

Mobilisation Plan

Mobilisation Plan

TUPE Approach and Management

Speak to and have meetings with the cleaning operatives.

Discuss with them if they want to work for Denma Cleaning Services.

Contracts of Employment.

Key Landmarks and Milestones

Key Landmarks and Milestones

Month one into contract any current staff under Denma Cleaning Services Management.

Client Review Plan.

Equipment Requirement / Existing.

Clients Meetings

Clients Meetings

Month Prior to contract / Month into contract.

Twice weekly site attendance.

Client Meetings.

    • Fully insured
    • 28 years in business
    • Fully trained cleaners
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  • Denma Cleaning not only provide competitive prices with their product supplies, but offer a reliable daily clean to our building and have done for over 6 years. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Peter or David and I can always rely on them to sort out any problem should it arise. In our line of work, when businesses look for office premises first impressions really do count and Denma cleaning recognise how important that is for us. I would not hesitate to continue recommending them

    - Roxy Haid

    - Centre Manager

    - Newhaven Enterprise Center, Newhaven, East Sussex, BN99SU

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